Learn how to record, release and monetize your music from anywhere, for free. 

In "The Indie Artist Cheat Code," critically acclaimed rapper, ghostwriter and entrepreneur Abel Meri shares his secrets on how he was able to successfully record, release and monetize 13 albums that landed in The Source Magazine, Yahoo News and ThisIs50, with no studio, and no record label. 

  • Be your own record label.

    Learn proven ways to perform many record label functions on your own for little or no money. 

  • Record music from anywhere for free.

    Learn how to immediately start recording studio-quality vocals from anywhere, for free. 

  • Release and distribute music easily and quickly.

    Learn how to get your music on all digital music platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal fast and cheap.

  • Monetize your music.

    Understand how streaming pays artists and ways to best monetize your music both on and offline..

  • Manufacture lable-quality CDs and branded merchandise.

    Learn how to manufacture lable-quality CDs and branded  merch you can sell in-person or online.

"The Indie Artist Cheat Code" will teach you how to:



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The smartest way to record music.

Achieve audio quality so good that even industry experts and experienced sound engineers will think was recorded in a professional studio. 

  • Record anywhere capture your creativity wherever inspiration strikes.

  • Record any time for free without having to rely on anyone else's schedule.

  • Studio-quality playback with industry-standard sound.

Hearing is believing. This song was recorded using "The Indie Artist Cheat Code" system.

Hear more music recorded using this system below. 

Unleash the full power of your creativity.

Don't let access to studio time limit your ability to record industry-standard music. 

  • Save money by never paying for studio time again. 

  • Save time by being able to record whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

  • Create more music with a recording setup you control.

  • Monetize music with proven tips and information.

The authoritative guide to recording and releasing studio-quality music from anywhere. 

A gamechanger for indie artists.

"The Indie Artist Cheat Code" has quickly become the most important guide in the toolkit of many indie artists. 


Rapper, Podcaster/Newark, NJ

I've used the The Indie Artist Cheat Code to successfully record and release 4 albums in less than a year. It's been an invaluable tool in my artistic journey. I used to have to book studio time, drive to the studio to record, then wait for my songs to be delivered. Now I am able to record from my home and the results have been amazing." 

Neb Doe

Rapper/Los Angeles, CA

"The Indie Artist Cheat Code is literally a cheat code for the recording process. Studios in LA are usually booked, and as an indie artist, it's hard to find open slots. When you do, it's expensive to book. Being able to record whenever I want, even on the go is a huge advantage, not to mention the amount of money I'm saving. This was clutch." 


Rapper, Podcaster/Brooklyn, NY

“I used to book time in the stu like everyone else. It was a hassle to find times that worked for me and an engineer, especially scheduling sessions with multiple artists. I've been using "The Indie Artist Cheat Code" for a few months and I've been able to be a lot more productive. The flexibility it has given me has allowed me to knock down songs faster and also re-record them until they are perfect, without worrying about getting a crazy bill for the time.”


Rapper / San Fransisco, CA

“Getting times that work for my busy schedule has always been hit or miss and has slowed down my releases. After using the info in "The Indie Artist Cheat Code" I can move when I want without waiting for anyone else. If you are an  indie artist that is looking for the freedom of a studio on-demand, this guide will do that for you. I've started to take the studio setup with me when I travel and the audio quality I'm able to produce is the same as a pro studio.

The recording industry noticed.

Abel's innovative recording style has caught the attention of industry experts and media outlets alike for its resourcefulness and the audio quality achieved. 

Abel Meri

Rapper, Ghostwriter, Entrepreneur

A proven track record of success. While many experts may know the "X's and O's" of "what should work," Abel is sharing a proven system that he developed himself and has successfully used to release 13 critically acclaimed albums to date. "The Indie Artist Cheat Code" will leapfrog you over obstacles that derail so many talented artists. 


He recorded albums from his car! That's right. Abel's success through this innovative and bootstrap approach to recording music is the literal definition of resourcefulness, and shows that talent and creativity can overcome any perceived obstacle. 

A proven system that works.

Music that has been created through this system has been featured in Yahoo News, The Source Magazine, ThisIs50, HipHopSince1987 and more. Countless indie artists have already used it to successfully record and release music, to jumpstart and accelerate their music careers. I can't wait to hear the music you create through it.

Abel Meri - Rapper, Ghostwriter, Entrepreneur

Start recording studio-quality music from anywhere today!

"The Indie Artist Cheat Code" will empower you to immediately start recording, releasing and monetizing industry-standard music from anyhwere, for free. 

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Abel Meri is an award winning rapper, ghostwriter and entrepreneur from Alexandria, VA. His music has earned critical acclaim for exceptional lyricism and has been featured in top publications around the globe. Abel created "The Indie Artist Cheat Code" to help artists overcome challenges by sharing his experiences and insight as a successful indie artist. 

Abel Meri

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